Well-known Female Slavic Names For ladies

The famous female Slavic incorporate princesses, politicians, athletes, and artists. Their stories can inspire your little one to fantasy big, and their names can be quite a lovely prompt of her home way of life.

Whether youre looking for a beautiful, classic name or possibly a fun-loving Slavic variation of a popular The english language name, we possess got ideas to ignite your thoughts. Allow me to share 20 of the most extremely famous female Slavic:


Ivanka could possibly be best known because Donald Trump’s daughter, but this gorgeous Russian name contains a long background in Slavic countries. A diminutive on the popular international identity Eve, it implies “to live” or “to thrive, ” an ideal sentiment for a new baby girlfriend. It’s also a great choice for a child who is hardworking and ethically formative.


A gorgeous Slavic variation of typical girl’s name Katherine, this stunning name can be shortened to Cathy or Katy for a much more sexy play name. With a girly splendor, it’s a splendid choice for any woman who will cause you to proud to call her your little girl.

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Derived from the Slavic words “lyudu” (people) and “milu” (“gracious, dear”), this beautiful Slavic identity means both supporting and exquisite. It can also be elongated to Zora, which retains the spectacular meaning of “dawn. ” Your peaceful girl will certainly be able to rise mainly obstacles with this very Slavic name.


Probably the most magical of all Slavic names, Nada is a poetic, elusive, and magical decision for any daughter. It’s an ancient slavic women free dating site spiritual concept referring to the religious sound that fills the cosmos, and it also means dew at sunrise. Your special girl definitely will certainly is the the light of your life with this charming and unusual Slavic identity.


This unique Serbo-Croatian identity for girls encapsulates all your chances of a job for your very little lady. She’ll become a shining light to any or all who know her. Namesakes include Zeljka Krizmanic, a Croatian work skater, and Zeljko Jovanovic, a Serbian politician.